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Richard O. Andrews


K9SVB was loved and respected by all that knew him. Often referred to as "Uncle Dick", he was an incredible man exceeded only by his humility. Amateur radio was only small corner of the world this man had been involved in.. In his time he had been an Outdoorsman, Hunter, Marksman, Army Veteran, Scout Leader, Machinist, Mechanic, Electrician and good at all of these things. Often could be heard saying such witticisms as; "Fine as frog hair", "Fair to middlin" and when not having a good day "Kicking but not high" He was full of fun but could be tough as nails when needed. A very good man and a very good friend. He will be sorely missed. Rest in peace Uncle Dick (K9SVB) you are one of a kind.

Dick Andrews

Born:October 7th 1932

Died August 4th 2016