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Amateur Radio is a world wide hobby which allows communication accross all boarders, all cultures and all ethic groups. Come join the international community, it's a small world!

Operating Ham Radio


CW Morse Code

5 words per minute code 5 WPM code text
13 words per minute code 13 WPM Text
20 words per minute code 20 WPM Code Text

HF SSB Communication

FG4NN in Guadeloupe working RW5FD on 17m, 18:57 UTC, June 2015

W2W in the U.S.A (special call) working UK1THA and others on 20m, 20:58 UTC, June 2015

Bharathi Prasad, VU2RBI calling for help from Sri Lanka after the tsunami of december 26, 2004. She was in DX-pedition with VU4NRO on Andaman Island when the earthquake and the tsunami hit the region. She immediately shifted to an emergency operation. The emergency network worked on the primary frequency of 14.190 MHz and on Echolink.

Ham Testing

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